An online educational resource dedicated to the photography of fungi;
mushrooms, toadstools, brackets, cups, plant diseases etc., found
in South-West England, especially Devon and Cornwall, by David Fenwick.

Moulds (Zygomycota Images)
Order Entomophthorales > Family Entomophthoraceae

Entomophthora forficulae var. major ?
- An Entomopathogenic Fungus

Entomophthora muscae - An Entomopathogenic Fungus

Order Mucorales > Family Phycomycetaceae

Spinellus fusiger - A Funus Attacking Fungus


Is this the dung fungus Pilaira anomala ?

Mould on crust fungus on wet rotting wood

Various moulds within a Devon and Cornwall Housing
(DCH) property in Heamoor, Penzance, Cornwall..

Moulds Zygomycetes Fungi Images UK