An online educational resource dedicated to the photography of fungi;
mushrooms, toadstools, brackets, cups, plant diseases etc., found
in South-West England, especially Devon and Cornwall, by David Fenwick.

Brittlegills and Milkcaps - Russulales (Basidiomycota Images)
Lactarius (Milkcaps)
Lactarius chrysorrheus - Yellowdrop Milkcap
Lactarius cimicarius - A Milkcap
Lactarius fulvissimus - Tawny Milkcap
Lactarius hepaticus - Liver Milkcap
Lactarius subdulcis - Mild Milkcap
Lactarius turpis - Ugly Milkcap
Lactarius vellereus - Fleecy Milkcap

Russula (Brittlegills)
Russula atropurpurea - A Brittlegill
Russula betularum - Birch Brittlegill
Russula cyanoxantha - Charcoal Burner
Russula fellea - Geranium Brittlegill
Russula fragilis - Fragile Brittlegill
Russula mairei - A Brittlegill
Russula nigricans - Blackening Brittlegill
Russula ochroleuca - Ochre Brittlegill
Russula xerampelina - Crab Brittlegill

Brittlegills and Milkcaps Russulales Basidiomycetes Fungi Images UK